Our History
Litium 3

I was told that Lecce, with its churches and balconies, alleys and picturesque views, bright stone and baroque inlays, was a beautiful place that would have taken my breath away and would have stayed in my heart once back in Rome… what they didn’t know is that I would have been so attracted from its fascination and welcome to also make it my new home!

Litium 3 started like this, partly like a joke but also somewhat seriously: my bed and breakfast is just in the middle of the joyful and scenographic pedestrian area of the old city center, where I came to meet and know so many people that now treat me like a family member. And it’s simple, spotless, welcoming and relaxing.

I like to think that - combining my profession as an architect to the new overwhelming love for this art city - I’ve created a unique place, full of creative ideas. A sweet spot in the very heart of this pearl of Puglia… to welcome anyone who - like me - wants to fall in love with you, enchanting Lecce.


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It took a lot of time, energy, sacrifice and all my stubbornness to renovate this ancient residence of the early 1600, with the valuable contribution of my mother Stefania who is also an architect and from whom I got the passion for this profession. It was time to give this place we had given new life a proper name.

The name contains the distinctive character of a person and the same can be said for places. I wanted the name of this b&b to remind of ‘our story’, to tell how my life had at some point decided to bond with this beautiful city that had welcomed me with open arms… and this is how ‘Litium 3’ was born.

The first reference is to “Lictius Idomenus”, one of the four legendry figures from the prehistory of Lecce who founded the city, and who gave it his name; the second goes to Litio, a very light metal that - combined with other metals - gives a very heavy metal alloy. Just like me, I always felt free to wander in the constant lookout for my place in the world but then I linked myself to this city and put down some roots; it is not by chance that the third reference goes to the number 3: it’s the number of perfection, love...the number of this new incredible adventure. Me, Lecce and Litium 3!